Monday, January 18, 2010
This week made me realize that I don't take nearly enough group shots! I love to focus in on detail, so I guess the 'big picture' doesn't interest me much lol
I think this weekend, I'm going to set up a tripod and 'bother' my men with trying to get some family pictures... with me in them. Right now it's looking too much like my husband is a single father with a camera crew!
I did manage to find one picture that I liked enough to submit, and that had more than two people in it.
We were going to check out a new brick-oven pizza restaurant (Toby's) with our friends, and Allen was so happy that he finally got to see Jasey again, that he held her hand for a good 20 minutes.
Yummy pizza was enjoyed by all, and an even yummier Nutella filled Calzone brought the evening to an end. Allen babbled all the way home in the car, even though it was about 2 hours past his bed time. Ahhh sugar highs!


McKay Family said...

Excellent idea on the selective color! Unique!

Amanda Heath said...

I so much love family "backside" photos. I think it's such a fun twist on the average family photo. Loving the color selection too. How fun!

Jessica D. said...

clever editing!

Marjorie said...

Can I just give the scale a thumbs up? The fire hydrant really puts the kids in perspective even more than the adults do! Love the little ones are holding hands.

Monica said...

I too love the kids in color and the rest of the photo in B&W! What a beautiful photo! Thank you for your comment on my photo. I appreciate it tons!

Sarah Permeh said...

Very creative editing! A sweet moment, for sure! :)

Lena said...

Thank you ladies! I'm learning tons from i heart faces and your comments... like for example, I almost cropped out that fire hydrant =\

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