Wednesday, January 6, 2010

It's funny, even though I created this blog to take part in 'You Capture', my first ever post is for a different blog. Ooops. =)
So here are my submissions for the Photo Challenge. (“I am submitting this photo into the I Heart Faces logo photo contest. By entering, I am granting I Heart Faces LLC permission to consider my photo for use in the marketing and promotion of their website.)


Anonymous said...

ba ha ha! The teeth one is priceless!!!

Lena said...

Thanks! Let's hope it's not a look at what's to come hahah

McMom said...

Very creative. Love the gold teeth! Especially the little sparkle.

AJ said...

Very cool!

Tezzie said...

The teeth crack me up! Good job!

Lena said...

Thanks everyone!

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