Thursday, January 28, 2010

is having us look high and low for colors (bonus points for outside shots).
Unfortunately I did not venture outside with my camera at any point during this week due to bad weather and a booger faced toddler, so no extra credit for me.
I have however, managed to find some (ok, ALOT of) color inside. The difficult part was narrowing down my options and coming up with some creative angles.
Here goes!


And some cheating shots (taken outside months ago)!

Did you have as much fun with this week's challenge?
Can't wait to see all of the other entries!
Monday, January 25, 2010
has challenged us to use texture in our photos this week, either naturally or through photoshop. I tried to coerce Allen into sitting still for a few minutes in between layers of clothes and feathers and toys... but he wasn't having it. So I took my only way out, Photoshop! Hunting for new textures was fun, and I found several really good ones. I applied one of them to a  picture I took of Allen a few days ago (so it's not completely cheating) and played around with settings and filters. I have to say, I'm loving the result. I'm just starting out with textures but I think I'll be using them a lot more often now.
I'm just not sure if I should have left him more 'blended in'.  What do you think?

(click on the picture for full size)

Get this texture here
Friday, January 22, 2010
The idea for my blogging book club has been moved to its very own blog HERE . This will make it more organized and leave this blog to focus on my love for photography!
Finally! My first You Capture! The whole reason I finally took a plunge into the blogosphere.
This was a tough one, mainly because I have SO many things I love around the apartment (and am a self diagnosed pack rat).
I did manage to capture a (very) few of my favorite things though, while my son napped. He's a budding photographer (at 2!) and whenever he sees the camera in my hands, tries to convince me with puppy dog eyes that it needs to be in his hands. Needless to say that makes picture taking a little difficult when he's awake!

My favorite candle holder. I got it about 10 years ago, and it is the last of the few remnants of my pre-marriage life. Before I turned all 'normal and stuff' as my cousin likes to say!

I'm a cat person and this has long been a favorite of mine, even more so since we've had to give the kitties away.

The piece de resistance of our wedding. It portrays me perfectly! She even has my natural hair color lol

The most perfect Secret Santa gift.

My husband spent about 3 hours putting this baby together, and that was even before he was my husband! Whenever he feels particularly sympathetic towards himself, he reminds me how much time that took to put together.

There are a bunch more, but Allen unfortunately did not inherit our genetic propensity toward sleep. But I figure something is better than nothing, right? Head over to You Capture to check out all the entries, and learn how to join in on the fun!
Monday, January 18, 2010
This week made me realize that I don't take nearly enough group shots! I love to focus in on detail, so I guess the 'big picture' doesn't interest me much lol
I think this weekend, I'm going to set up a tripod and 'bother' my men with trying to get some family pictures... with me in them. Right now it's looking too much like my husband is a single father with a camera crew!
I did manage to find one picture that I liked enough to submit, and that had more than two people in it.
We were going to check out a new brick-oven pizza restaurant (Toby's) with our friends, and Allen was so happy that he finally got to see Jasey again, that he held her hand for a good 20 minutes.
Yummy pizza was enjoyed by all, and an even yummier Nutella filled Calzone brought the evening to an end. Allen babbled all the way home in the car, even though it was about 2 hours past his bed time. Ahhh sugar highs!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Woohoo so I'm feeling sort of, kind of well enough to finally get on the computer again (after a 4 day break *gasp*).
Earlier last week I was trying to catch a good picture of my son on his new rocking horse... but he of course had other plans. He found it hilarious when he closed his eyes at just the right moment and I made grrr noises. He even mocked me, all the while laughing and galloping away, taunting me with promises of oh-so-cute photos.
But not to worry, I got my revenge later when I strategically placed a shiny red kitchen bowl (the kitchen is off limits, and therefore has mounds of unfounded treasure!) in his room. The camera was on and ready, and just as he tilted his head to look out from under his cool new hat and yell peek-a-boo..... he was greeted by mommy's triumphant *flash*!
So since this photo falls in the specified time frame, has his face in it (majority of it anyway) and is not either blurred beyond all recognition or makes one run in search of a priest to perform an exorcism, it's the perfect one to enter in this week's challenge.
Wednesday, January 6, 2010

It's funny, even though I created this blog to take part in 'You Capture', my first ever post is for a different blog. Ooops. =)
So here are my submissions for the Photo Challenge. (“I am submitting this photo into the I Heart Faces logo photo contest. By entering, I am granting I Heart Faces LLC permission to consider my photo for use in the marketing and promotion of their website.)

COZY Modern Furniture

COZY Modern Furniture
COZY European Modern Furniture


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