Monday, January 11, 2010

Woohoo so I'm feeling sort of, kind of well enough to finally get on the computer again (after a 4 day break *gasp*).
Earlier last week I was trying to catch a good picture of my son on his new rocking horse... but he of course had other plans. He found it hilarious when he closed his eyes at just the right moment and I made grrr noises. He even mocked me, all the while laughing and galloping away, taunting me with promises of oh-so-cute photos.
But not to worry, I got my revenge later when I strategically placed a shiny red kitchen bowl (the kitchen is off limits, and therefore has mounds of unfounded treasure!) in his room. The camera was on and ready, and just as he tilted his head to look out from under his cool new hat and yell peek-a-boo..... he was greeted by mommy's triumphant *flash*!
So since this photo falls in the specified time frame, has his face in it (majority of it anyway) and is not either blurred beyond all recognition or makes one run in search of a priest to perform an exorcism, it's the perfect one to enter in this week's challenge.


Melissa G. said...

Your son is so cute! I think our boys would get along great! My little boy loves to put bowls on his head too! =) Have a great day!

Tezzie said...

Funny! My son loved putting stuff on this head at that age as well (and onto other people's heads, too, for that matter :D)...bowls were among his fave 'hats', but I think the best thing he put on his head was this giant stuffed frog (IKEA). It had a zipper for a mouth, so if he did up the zipper 'just so', the frog would stay on his head (looking like it was trying to swallow him whole!)

Anonymous said...

Oh so cute! I love that the cheapest toys are the ones that are not toys.

The Animator's Wife said...

too cute!

Ali said...

What a cutie and such a great story of the capture too! Thanks for the comment! Have a great day!

Lena said...

Thanks for the kind comments!
Yeah, it's kind of sad that we have toys that have been played with once or twice and that cost way more than the stuff he loves to play with. And that's not even going into the non toy things, like all of my books that he loves to take off the shelves and pretend that they're building blocks... meanwhile he has 4 sets of blocks less than 2 feet away lol so now I just get him $1 coloring books to go with his GIANORMOUS box of crayons. =)

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