Sunday, May 30, 2010
This festively dressed fella was making rounds at the lilac festival. I have no idea if he's just a fan or an actual employee of the park. He did bring lots of smiles to peoples' faces though!

Ugh I can't stop using this chrome B&W, it reminds me so much of the old photographs. Next time I'll try my best to use some other B&W edit.
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Sunday, May 23, 2010
I didn't notice my husband and brother in law in the shot until I was editing it later, but I am so glad I didn't do a more shallow depth of field!
He was smiling at me, BIL was smiling down at his girlfriend and Kodak was asking a very appropriate question. Guess we know the answer to that one. =)

(click for larger view)
And hooray for funnel cakes! 

Check out more yellow @

I try to remind myself of this every single day. Most days I forget, but the days I do remember turn out to be phenomenal. 
Here's to the power of mind over matter and the little piece of paper that inspires me to think, be and do more.


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Thursday, May 20, 2010
This past weekend we took a road trip to Rochester, NY for my brother-in-law's graduation the Lilac Festival!!! Lucky for him, his graduation just happened to coincide with this VERY important event so we attended that as well.
Lilacs are the reason I want a house. I wanted to plant a lilac bush right outside my bedroom window, and wake up every morning (in May) to the beautiful aroma. Then I read that lilacs attract A LOT of bees. Ever since being stung by a bee on my 14th birthday, I start hyperventilating whenever one is in close proximity. So maybe I'll plant that bush further away from the window.
But back to the festival... and the graduation. 
500 varieties of lilac, 1200 bushes... I was in heaven, albeit a very cold heaven. Having been promised 65 degrees and sunshine I was not dressed for the 50 degrees, clouds and wind that greeted us. But that did not prevent me from going picture crazy and I got hundreds of great shots.
Here are two that are perfect for the theme this week:

(click on the photos for larger size)

And here's one of the proud graduate. Or rather his side/back.
And while we're on the subject of photography, does anyone have any experience with bubbles in your lens? I found 2 tiny ones while cleaning the back end of the lens, contacted Canon and they want me to send it in for repair. I can't picture myself without a lens for 2-4 weeks. Google brought up several forums where people say one or two bubbles are perfectly fine. Any opinions?

Sunday, May 9, 2010
Happy Mother's Day to all you fabulous mothers! 
After a few weeks of life getting in the way, I am happy to be back among all of you super creative individuals, and back to Lightroom, Photoshop and my camera.
Amy is having us capture food for this week's challenge, or rather she had us capture food. I've had plenty of colorful food this week, but unfortunately did not get to check out her blog until today... the day that we go food shopping and do dinners at my parents'. 
Good thing photographed food does not spoil (unless you get a computer virus and don't back up regularly that is) because I'm pulling this one out of my archives.
Having gotten my education in holistic medicine and nutrition, I'm a huge proponent of salads. At our house, a salad is our side dish more nights than not. They're quick to make and clean up is a breeze! Just think, one less pot that needs to be scrubbed. 
And with the recent lettuce recall, it's easy to omit it and substitute other veggies. Just please wash them all thoroughly.

And now, to whet your appetites:

See? Simple. =)

Stop by Amy's blog to participate and share some of your favorite colorful foods.


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