Monday, March 29, 2010
Okay, so today is technically Monday, but time (once again) got away from me this weekend and I'm entering late. =\
This was one of the first shots I took using my dslr. I love it in full color, but once I isolated the yellow, the photo took on such a different mood. Now I don't know which one I like more!



for  more color splash fun!

Today certainly promises to be a potentially drama filled day; with all the rain, 4 hours of sleep and a dinner party I'd rather not be going to.
But I'll try to not send too many of these looks my mother's way!

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for more takes on drama!
Friday, March 26, 2010

What a beautiful little girl. I had fun 'fixing' this one because I could really enhance the eyes, and open up the shadows on her face. (When I try to do that with my son's photos, he looks too girly!)
So here are my contributions.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

We were supposed to do something out of the norm this week. Different angles, different heights, holding the camera tilted or whatnot. As long as you're out of your comfort zone!
Usually, I like to take photos of Allen from either his eye level, or lower. This shot was purely 'accidental' because I was just playing around with settings before getting down on the floor, but I love it!
So here's my unusual (for me) angle of my sleepy little man.
(click on photo for larger size)

And as usual, head over to

for all of the other wonderfully weird angles.

Yum. Even though I'm not a huge tomato fan, that one looked so delicious I was ready to eat it on the spot. Unfortunately I couldn't because it was growing in The King's Garden of Fort Ticonderoga. But I was free to snap a shot of it. It looked especially tempting surrounded by it's still green siblings. 

Join Amy in capturing (and isolating) some beautiful colors at


Next week's color is yellow!
Sunday, March 14, 2010
Winter is finally on it's way out (!), however over at I Heart Faces, we're celebrating all the wonderful (bundled up) moments it's given us to capture. 

I haven't ventured much outside with my camera this winter. A two year old that wants to run ever where and get into all sorts of trouble does not make a great model when you're walking on busy city streets and trying to hold his tiny hand in an iron grip. Since there are no green parks around us, and daddy doesn't get home till late, that's where most of our walks take place. 

We did get some nice shots during the first BIG snow storm. My husband got the day off of work, and we ventured out as a family, with mommy free to do her thing. *(No yellow snow has been consumed during this photo shoot.)

Check out 

for all of the warm and snugly entries!

This week's theme is red. My favorite color! The whole day I was on the lookout of what exactly I wanted to photograph. 
I thought about the many books with red in them, toys, clothes, jewelery, but at the last minute settled on an old Betty Boop statuette. 
I used to be a bit obsessed with her when I was younger, but that flame has died down in the recent years. And since I'm trying to get rid of as much excess junk in anticipation of moving into our new and tiny condo, I figured I can kill (proverbially of course) two birds with one stone; enter Amy's new meme, and get some shots so I can throw this baby up on eBay!
So here she is, in all her 'red' glory. Marabou feathers and all.

Make sure to stop by Amy's blog to join in on the fun!


Thursday, March 11, 2010
Ah, quiet, how I long for it towards the end of the day. When Allen's sweetly sleeping in his crib, my husband is passed out on the couch, and I have an hour to myself to do with as I please (quietly of course!). 
Beth has challenged us to capture quiet this week, and lucky for me, my quiet does not consist of silence, but instead of quieting the mind of worry, silly thoughts, and stress. I have many reminders scattered around the house that always seem to catch my eye just when I need them most.

A lovely woman helped me pick these stones out for my grandmother to bring her peace in her final moments. Now they serve as a reminder for me to savor every moment and not rush through life. Not to mention they keep Allen busy for a few minutes as he sorts through them.


Even cherubs need their beauty sleep.

Meditation is wonderful, when I can convince myself that I don't have anything more important to do for the next half hour. But just focusing on breathing in and out for a few minutes works wonders for quieting the mind.

Head to Photobucket to join in on the fun!

Monday, March 8, 2010
I didn't think I would have anything to enter for this week's challenge. The weekend was busy, and flew by way too fast. Allen can't jump high enough for me to capture, although it is very cute when he does, like a tiny bunny hop.
Looking at some older photos, I came across a few that I was able to clean up however. Back then I loved taking photos, but didn't really focus on composition or angles and they were always taken on full automatic. I don't even think my point and shoot has any manual options.
But while these aren't phenomenal or creative, they do capture my husband's joy. He's a basketball nut, and ever since meeting me, hasn't gotten to enjoy it as much as he used to (every day!). 
So here are two shots of him catching some air while playing ball with fellow resort guests. I do hope that our son picks up on the game by summer time so I can get some great shots of them playing together. (Now that I know about shutter speed and am incessantly bugging him for an SLR.)

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Thursday, March 4, 2010
Allen's hopeful moment this week consisted of 'hoping' to fit into his favorite box. Meanwhile I was busy hoping that he would not fall out of it and hurt himself.

I was also hoping that as he gets older, and his attention span gets longer, we'll have more quiet moments like the one above.
Last Friday he had experienced the repercussions of being a carefree little boy who's not as stable on his feet as he thinks, and mommy probably got her first gray hair. 
He cut his temple pretty deep and when he turned around to show me his 'booboom' ... well lets just say my first instinct was to call in the top specialists from all over the world to help stop the bleeding.
Luckily a few minutes of pressure with a cold washcloth stopped it, and he was back to his carefree self within moments. 
Wish I can say the same for myself.
Is it really THAT wrong to stick em in a bubble?
Mmm and to round things off on a positive note, this was a moment where I hoped this tasted as good as it looked. I wasn't disappointed!

Head over to Photobucketto participate!

"HIGH or LOW" (Photos from a different perspective, Photos from the top or bottom of Buildings, Mountains, Towers, Underneath...)


I loved the contrast between the lushness of the evergreen, and the bare branches of another tree. 

See more entries HERE!

Monday, March 1, 2010

guest fan judges want to see all of our funny shots. Be it funny faces, hilarious poses or whatever else has given you a laugh when you looked back on it.
The photo on the challenge page is worth a look all it's own, my coffee almost came right out through my nose when I saw it this morning. I can't wait to see the other 700 or so entries when this challenge wraps up tomorrow!

Here are some of mine. I don't usually hang on to less than picture perfect shots, but I'm glad I kept a few of Allen's unintentionally funny faces now.

Here, he was trying to give me his best cheeeeeese face, while also trying to close his eyes at the perfect moment just to hear me make a grrr sound. That's his favorite. =)
This year, we got him this singing hamster card for his birthday (in addition to toys of course), and as you can see, he went nuts over it. It plays the Hamster Dance Song.

And here are a few of my husband, from our vacation in Curacao. 
He became obsessed with coconuts, and a large chunk of our trip was dedicated to him hunting them down. He threw things at trees, jumped off of chairs, tried to chew through the outer shells,  cracked them on cement patio corners and in our shower... it even went as far as bashing a poor coconut over and over with a stick. I wish I had my camera for that one, he looked like a cave man.

Teeth vs. coconut.... teeth FAIL


Concrete vs. coconut... success!

This was a ton of fun, and a work out and a half!


So those are my entries, hope you got a chuckle or two!

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