Sunday, March 14, 2010

This week's theme is red. My favorite color! The whole day I was on the lookout of what exactly I wanted to photograph. 
I thought about the many books with red in them, toys, clothes, jewelery, but at the last minute settled on an old Betty Boop statuette. 
I used to be a bit obsessed with her when I was younger, but that flame has died down in the recent years. And since I'm trying to get rid of as much excess junk in anticipation of moving into our new and tiny condo, I figured I can kill (proverbially of course) two birds with one stone; enter Amy's new meme, and get some shots so I can throw this baby up on eBay!
So here she is, in all her 'red' glory. Marabou feathers and all.

Make sure to stop by Amy's blog to join in on the fun!



Amy said...

That is so cute! You definitely chose the perfect object to splash. And I can tell you're enjoying your new DSLR. ;)

Lena said...

Oh it is awesome! The best part is that you can select the point of focus.

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