Sunday, May 9, 2010
Happy Mother's Day to all you fabulous mothers! 
After a few weeks of life getting in the way, I am happy to be back among all of you super creative individuals, and back to Lightroom, Photoshop and my camera.
Amy is having us capture food for this week's challenge, or rather she had us capture food. I've had plenty of colorful food this week, but unfortunately did not get to check out her blog until today... the day that we go food shopping and do dinners at my parents'. 
Good thing photographed food does not spoil (unless you get a computer virus and don't back up regularly that is) because I'm pulling this one out of my archives.
Having gotten my education in holistic medicine and nutrition, I'm a huge proponent of salads. At our house, a salad is our side dish more nights than not. They're quick to make and clean up is a breeze! Just think, one less pot that needs to be scrubbed. 
And with the recent lettuce recall, it's easy to omit it and substitute other veggies. Just please wash them all thoroughly.

And now, to whet your appetites:

See? Simple. =)

Stop by Amy's blog to participate and share some of your favorite colorful foods.



Amy said...

LENA!!! I am SO happy you are back; you have no idea! I hope everything is alright and whatever pulled you away for so long was all good stuff.

Thanks for linking in, I love your salad picture! This is one of the few pictures where several small colored items WORKS.

We've had a big issue with the lettuce recall here - there are kids in the schools getting sick and parents getting upset, but the administrators were quick to remove the lettuce from the cafeterias.

Have a great Mother's Day!

Marlis said...

What a fun idea.

Hope all the lettuce stuff gets sorted out soon. Dosn't sound too good.

Lena said...

Yeah, it's always scary when e.coli goes around, and especially on veggies.
Amy, everything is fine. Allen started daycare and I a new job, so things were hectic for a bit until both of us got into the swing of things!
Thanks for the warm welcome and wish =)

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